Classic Obon Festival Songs

UPDATED April 6, 2022 – It has been a tremendous honor to record two additional songs for the Obon Classics collection – Aizu Bandaisan and Tokyo Ondo.  Please feel free to use these recordings at your Obon.

Thank you to Sumie Kaneko, David Wells, Yuta Kato, and Fred Visaya Jr. for sharing their musical talent.  These recordings were made possible by a generous grant from Buddhist Churches of America Music Committee.

Obon Festival Organizers, please feel free to use these recordings at your local festival.

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Track List

Hokkai Bon Uta (Hokkaido)

Sohma Bon Uta (Fukushima)

Tanko Bushi (Fukuoka)

Yagi Bushi (Gunma and Tochigi)

Aizu Bandaisan (Fukushima)

Tokyo Ondo (Tokyo)


Sumie Kaneko (vocals, shamisen)

David Wells (fue)

Yuta Kato (atari gane, percussion)

Fred Visaya Jr. (taiko, percussion)

Isaku Kageyama (taiko, percussion, audio engineer)

Special Thanks


Buddhist Churches of America Music Committee

Asano Taiko US

Gloria Kum

Paul Sakamoto

Vitti Thitivongse

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