social media wordpress plugin review

Social Media WordPress Plugin Review

If you’re considering adding an attractive Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Soundcloud feed to your website, this social media wordpress plugin review will hopefully give you some helpful insight.

Why is it useful to have a WordPress plugin for social media?  As a musician, I find that the biggest advantage is that it turns my website into a hub.  Visitors can see all my recent YouTube videos, Soundcloud music, Facebook, and Twitter posts all in one place.

This allows visitors to get a glimpse of the things that I’m currently involved in, and it keeps my website looking and feeling fresh.  I may not be able to update my website or write a blog post every day, but I’m usually able to post a Facebook status or Tweet about something every day.

Flow-Flow Social Stream

You might have noticed my website has a new feel, and a big part of it is the social media stream on the top page.  I’m using a WordPress plugin called “Flow-Flow Social Stream” which is available for $24 on CodeCanyon.  This social media plugin allows you to display customizable feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Souncloud, and more.

Things to Consider

Not all plugins work seamlessly with Visual Composer, and not all plugins have Soundcloud streaming capabilities.  For example, “WordPress Social Stream” is the best-selling plugin of its kind, but does not stream Soundcloud. As a musician, being able to stream my Soundcloud feed is huge!

There are also several widgets that work with WordPress.  They can easily be embedded in the sidebars of your website, but it takes tweaking for them to work on your main page. “Flow-Flow Social Stream” not only streams my Soundcloud feed, but it also works in Visual Composer.

More Information

For more information, check out “Flow-Flow Social Stream” on CodeCanyon.