Here is a quick tour of my remote recording taiko setup. I listed the gear below in order of importance:

  • Asano Taiko Drums Arguably the most important part of the recording setup is the instruments themselves. I’ll be using the very best instruments in the world, handcrafted by Asano Taiko in Japan.
  • Clearsonic Sorber Panels These acoustic panels are the unsung heroes of this recording setup. They do an amazing job of taming the reflections. The recordings sound a lot more focused after installing these.
  • Avid MBox Pro 3 Don’t buy this audio interface. Avid has ended driver support, which means there is no guarantee it will continue to work. I’m considering the Arturia Audiofuse Studio ( which has comparable features and similar price point.
  • Overhead Microphones I’m using the AKG c414 XLS and XLII because they sound good on a wide range of instruments. Great value to be able to record anything with these mics and get a good sound.
  • Close Microphones For close mics, I’m using an AKG D112 and Shure SM57. Both are very common mics used to record drums. Have gotten great mileage out of both these mics.

Check out my blog post where I compare microphones.

Taiko Remote Recording Projects

Taiko Remote Recording Setup