Taiko School Assembly Program – The Rhythm of Inspiration

Interested in The Rhythm of Inspiration?

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An Inspiring School Assemby Show

Are you looking for a school assembly show that is educational, culturally informative, and fun?

Are you looking to take a group of students on a field trip that is unique and experiential?

Are you looking to inspire your students with an immersive classroom presentation?

The Rhythm of Inspiration is an educational taiko drum program for grades 1-8. The unique program is both a music concert and an experiential learning experience, interwoven into an inspiring story.

What is The Rhythm of Inspiration?

The Rhythm of Inspiration celebrates the foundations of the taiko tradition as a pathway to invention and evolution in an art form. Its repertoire contains both traditional and modern compositions.

The Rhythm of Inspiration guides us on a journey through taiko history to today with taiko’s most innovative performers. They highlight the transition from antiquity to modernity by showing how drums were used and how those uses changed over the years.

The Rhythm of Inspiration will not only cultivate an appreciation of the art form, but of how artists honor traditions through deep experiential understanding and practice, AND they do not have to be bound by it. By building on a historical foundation, the creators of today innovate, creating new traditions for tomorrow.

From the moment your students step inside the theater space, encourage them to notice everything!

What do they see? Hear? Feel? Think about? What do they think will happen?

Live performance is MAGICAL when audiences feel invested in the space, the content, the performers and each other.

Pre-Show Questions

This performance prompts us to ask how old traditions can become the foundation for new ideas and innovation. Tradition is defined as a long-established custom or belief that has been passed on from one generation to another. Tradition in arts is a method or style established by those who came before that is taught to those who practice it now.

To begin this inquiry, students can be asked questions to connect what they already experience:

What traditions they enjoy celebrating with family and friends? How did those traditions begin?

How do you imagine they might have started?What cultural art forms do your students take part in now? (Folklorico Dance, Lion Dances, Ballet, performing plays, even sports, though not an art form per say, has a tradition of rules, uniform and guidelines for conduct).

How do we honor traditions and be inspired by them? How do we ensure the quality 
of experience for generations to come?