Bon Daiko Lesson – Soran Bushi

Soran Bushi is a song that would keep fishermen warm and entertained during the monotonous and physically demanding tasks of lifting herring-filled nets from the freezing waters of Hokkaido. It’s likely that the Soran Bushi we know today is a combination of several work songs originating from the area.

During the spring, fishermen would gather in Hokkaido and the surrounding areas to wait for schools of herring. Once they received word that the herring were near, they rowed out to sea with their nets. Aside from a small portion that was dried and used for food, the herring were boiled to extract the fish oil, and the remains were used as high quality fertilizer.

Bon Daiko Lesson - Soran Bushi

Soran Bushi Lyrics

I ask the seagulls where the herring are
And he answers “I’m just passing by. You’ll have to ask the waves.”

Out at bay, I listen to the seagulls hovering above
And it makes happy to be a fisherman

If you’re a man, ride out on the waves

The girl at the market needs no makeup
The silver scales light up her face

The dancing silver scales and the songs of seagulls
Signal the sunrise and another good catch

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