Clearsonic Sorber Panels

Clearsonic Sorber Panels are a great solution if you’re looking for a non-permanent way to acoustically treat your room.  When you play music in any room, you’re hearing the room reflections in addition to the sound source.  Concert halls are engineered so that these reflections sound great.  However, in most rooms that have not been acoustically engineered, this can be a problem.  You might hear slapback or flutter, which is the result of sound bouncing off the walls.  This can also make your instruments seem disproportionately loud.

A common solution to this problem is called acoustic treatment.  The cheapest and most common acoustic treatment is foam.  The foam comes in various sizes and you put it up on the walls and ceiling.  When you play music in the room, the foam absorbs some of the sound.  As a result, you get fewer room reflections.

Clearsonic Sorber Panels come into play if you’re unable to put up acoustic treatment on the walls.  Or, you might be looking for a portable solution.  For example, if you’re recording at home, you might want to take down the acoustic treatment after you’re done.  Additionally, you might want to be able to transport your recording setup to another location.  These panels offer an effective solution for a wide range of scenarios.

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Clearnsonic Sorber Panels –

1.6-inch thick SORBER sound absorption baffles outperform the industry standard 1-inch thick baffles by at least 50%, and are especially efficient at absorbing lower frequencies. SORBER baffles feature a compressed fiberglass core that is encased in a tough Velcro-receptive charcoal gray cloth and are available in free-standing, Velcro-tackable or booth lid system models. SORBER also can be attached to walls and hung from the ceiling to dramatically improve room acoustics.