Directed Study Program – Learn Taiko, Music Production, and More

The Directed Study Program is designed to address the lack of personalized feedback when learning online.

There are a ton of instructional videos and tutorials on music production and taiko.  It’s possible to learn a lot from watching these videos… but there’s a limit.  How do I know I’m executing the technique properly?  Is there anything I could improve on?  These are some of your questions the Directed Study Program will help answer.

The Directed Study Program is a personalized series of private lessons designed to help you accomplish your musical goals.

Before we begin the program, and before you pay a single penny, we’ll talk about what your musical goal is.  Together, we’ll lay out a plan on how to get there.

For example, let’s say you want to release a demo of your original song.  What are the things you need to do?  Do you need help writing the song?  Maybe you’ve written the song but need help recording the parts.  Or maybe you know how to compose and record, but you want to learn more about mixing.  We’ll talk through what steps are needed, and come up with a plan together.

You could take the personalized plan we develop, and execute it on your own.  You won’t owe me anything, and that’s totally fine!

I want you to feel that I’m actually helping you and that the program is actually getting you closer to achieving your goal.  Again, this could be related to taiko performance, composition, music production, or anything you think I might be able to help you with.

Thank you always!  I look forward to hearing from you.