GarageBand Tutorial for Taiko

In this GarageBand tutorial, we’ll be learning how to create a demo of your taiko composition.  GarageBand is a free Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for MacOS.  You can use GarageBand to create, refine, and share your musical ideas.

By the end of this video, you will be able to record your musical ideas using the included software taiko instruments.

We will also learn how to record live taiko, or other instruments such as voice, fue, shamisen, or koto.

A composition tool.

After watching this GarageBand tutorial, you will be able to answer questions like what would it sound like if we repeated this section one more time, what if we tried a different tempo, what if we added another instrument, etc.

A learning tool.

Create demos of your taiko compositions and share them with your group.  Your taiko group will be able to hear what the piece is supposed to sound like.  As a result, they will be able to learn the music quicker.

A collaborative tool.

My favorite use of GarageBand is as a collaborative tool to develop and refine musical ideas.  Use this GarageBand tutorial to learn how to record your musical ideas, and send them to your collaborators.  Once you start sending ideas back and forth, the sky’s the limit!

What You Will Need (Bare Minimum)

You Might Also Want To Use (Recommended)

Send me your tracks!

I am really excited to hear the music you create after watching this GarageBand tutorial.  Please send me your tracks! If you want, I would love to promote your music to all 4 people that read this blog. 😀  Always great to talk to other taiko people interested in music production!

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