Learn Bon Daiko – Aizu Bandaisan

If you want to learn Bon Daiko, Aizu Bandaisan is a great song. Aizu Bandaisan sings the praises of Mount Bandai, a mountain located in Fukushima Prefecture. The song is considered one of the “Big Three” Minyo folk songs, along with Gujo Odori and Awa Odori.

The modern day version of Aizu Bandaisan has multiple roots. These include the local folk song Genjo Bushi, and Gokahama Jinku from neighboring Niigata Prefecture.

The lyrics begin with the line “Mount Bandai is a mountain of treasure. Gold grows on the bamboo trees.” One theory is that the bamboo trees of Mount Bandai produced fruit during a famine, saving the local population from starvation. Another theory is that the lyrics refer more figuratively to the plentiful rice grown in the area.

Learn Bon Daiko - Aizu Bandaisan

Aizu Bandaisan Lyrics

Mount Bandai is a mountain of treasure
Gold grows on the bamboo trees

From the mountain of the east
Comes the daily news
I cannot possibly avoid going

Why did Shosuke Ohara damage his health?
He loved to sleep, drink, and bathe in the morning
Of course he did, he deserves it

The loyal cherry blossoms
Fall to the name of Byakko Tai

The singing makes the dance stronger
The taiko on top of the yagura also becomes stronger

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