Pearl S1030 Snare Stand Review: Used as a Shime Stand

As a taiko player, there are a few things I look for in a shime taiko stand.  Hopefully this Pearl S1030 Snare Stand Review will provide some useful insight into how you or your group might use this snare stand for your shime taiko.

What do I look for in a shime taiko stand?

  1. Is the stand stable enough?  It’s often dark backstage, which makes it easy to bump into things.  If your stand tips over, it could injure someone or damage your drum. Most shime tend to be heavier than snare drums.  Can the stand hold the additional weight?
  2. Is the stand height adjustable?  Is the range wide enough that I can play standing up and sitting down?  I don’t want to have to switch stands when I go from standing to sitting, or vice versa.
  3. Can the stand fit different size drums?  I want to be able to use the same stand for all my drums, even if they’re different sizes.
  4. Can I adjust the playing angle of the drum?  I want to have the drum slightly angled towards me when I play.  Can I change the angle to my preference?
  5. Does it fold up?  Can the stand be folded and put into a suitcase, carry-on item, or hardware case?


The Pearl S1030 does all that.  It’s stable, it’s height adjustable, it fits different size drums, it rotates, and it folds up.  To me, that was a good enough reason to make the purchase, and I’m generally happy with my decision.


  1. It’s really heavy.  Its weight makes the Pearl S1030 stable, but it’s also roughly 20lbs (9kg) which makes it almost twice as heavy as a regular snare stand.  If you have to carry multiple snare stands, it adds up really quickly.
  2. It’s expensive.  At $120, the Pearl S1030 costs twice as much as a regular snare stand.  Again, when purchasing multiple stands, you might find the money is better spent elsewhere.