Royalty Free Commercial Music for Film, TV, and Ads

Royalty Free Commercial Music

Purchase a Royalty Free Commercial Music License for this music and use it in your multimedia projects. This particular collection of works is light, happy, and inspirational, making it great for corporate videos, music beds for commercials, background music for product demonstrations, as well as YouTube and Podcast intros.

Purchasing a Royalty Free Music License allows you to pay a one-time licensing fee and avoid paying recurring royalties. For more Royalty Free Music, check out my Audiojungle Portfolio.

Royalty Free Commercial Music: The music in this collection is designed for use in a wide range of commercial applications. One use is as a soundtrack for a commercial. Another is as background music for a corporate answering machine or on hold message. Yet another would be a music bed for a corporate video or product demonstration. Check out the YouTube playlist below to see how the music works with picture!