Taiko drumming at your school!

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School Assembly Taiko Program – The Rhythm of Inspiration

Their performance was electric!  Their skill and artistry were impeccable!  Their engagement with the audience, magical!  Both children and adults alike were mesmerized! – Sandra Marsh, Quincy Jones Elementary School

About Our School Assembly Program

Inspiring, Educational, Interactive

We are happy to introduce The Rhythm of Inspiration, a school assembly taiko program designed to inspire, educate and engage students of all ages with the rich cultural heritage of Japanese taiko drumming.

There are three components to the program: a performance component, an educational component, and an interactive component.

  • The performance component features traditional and contemporary taiko repertoire that will inspire students with vibrant rhythms and movements.
  • In the educational component, students learn about the history, background, and cultural significance of taiko drums.
  • Finally, the interactive component provides an opportunity for students to experience playing taiko drumming for themselves.

The school assembly taiko program is suitable for students of all ages and music experience levels, and is a great way to introduce students to Japanese music and culture.

The Rhythm of Inspiration is available for AAPI Heritage Month celebrations, Diversity and Multicultural fairs and festivals!

Contact for more information!

The Rhythm of Inspiration at Inner City Arts (grades 3-8)

Educational program hosted by the Japan Foundation (high school+)

Taiko drumming at your school?

School Assemblies, Small Group Workshops, Residencies

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your most common school assembly taiko program offer?

Most of the assemblies we perform at are 30-45 minutes in duration.  The program usually consists of 15-20 minutes of performance, 10-15 minutes of audience participation, and 5-10 minutes on the history and background of taiko drums.

What does a school assembly taiko program cost?

We need to know a few things to answer this question accurately.  However, the  biggest factor is the program duration.  Longer programs require more performers, which unfortunately mean higher costs.

We always try to provide the best possible program for your budget.  If you have a predetermined budget, please let us know and we will try our absolute best.

Do I need to provide any equipment?

We would appreciate being able to use a PA system to talk about the history and background of taiko.  If you do not have a PA system, just let us know and we can bring our own.  Please note the PA system needs to plug into a standard wall outlet.

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