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Tokyo Ondo, alongside Hokkai Bon Uta and Sohma Bon Uta, is one of the most popular Bon Odori songs, particularly in the Greater Tokyo area. Aside from it being a Bon Odori song, Tokyo Ondo is also the anthem for Tokyo-based sports teams.

Tokyo Ondo was commissioned by a department store in 1932. The song was written for the store-sponsored Bon Odori held in Hibiya Park. In order to participate in the Bon Odori, customers needed to purchase a yukata from the department store.

Out of the gate, Tokyo Ondo sold 1.2 million copies. By 1971, estimated sales had reached 20 million copies.

Taiko Lessons in Los Angeles Tokyo Ondo

Tokyo Ondo Lyrics

If you’re going to dance
Dance to Tokyo Ondo
In the middle of the glorious capitol

The ebb and flow of the crowd
The history of Musashino
Grass has turned to neon lights

The flowers of Ueno
The willows of Ginza
The moon of Sumida from a dinner cruise

Growing up with the Goddess Kannon
The moon perched on the roof

Mount Fuji to the West
Tsukuba to the East
The musicians are the heart of the festival

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