Taiko Lessons Los Angeles – Bon Daiko – Compound Phrases

Up until this point, all the songs have used combinations and slight variations of the basic Bon Daiko (Matsuri) patterns. A simple, effective way to add variety to one’s playing, is to combine these basic patterns.

Combining patterns gives us new, longer patterns. These patterns can be interspersed throughout the song to add variety, and to create tension and release.

When creating our own phrases, it’s important to still follow the structure of the song. We want to be creative, but we also want our drumming to support the music, and most importantly, the dancers.

In my opinion, the great thing about the basic Bon Daiko (Matsuri) patterns is that they work well with almost any Bon Daiko song. It’s like working with great ingredients – the end result always tastes good. By working with combinations of the basic Bon Daiko (Matsuri) patterns, we are almost guaranteed that our new pattern is going to work with the music.

Try different combinations of the basic Matsuri patterns using the formula described in the video!

Taiko Lessons Los Angeles Taiko Institute

I teach Bon Daiko every Friday night from 8-10PM at Los Angeles Taiko Institute in Torrance, CA. Please let me know when you would like to drop in!

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Learn Taiko - Bon Daiko Lesson Series

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