Trupti Pandkar

Congratulations – Trupti Pandkar Debut EP

A big congratulations to singer Trupti Pandkar and bassit Hiroshi Tokieda on Trupti’s debut EP.  Couldn’t wait to pop the CD in and take a listen.  The music sounds great and it’s so good to hear they are doing well in Tokyo.

It’s a Long Story

I met Trupti and Hiroshi at Berklee College of Music.  The year we graduated, I had the honor of performing with Trupti at Outside the Box as members of Rhythm of the Universe.  After graduating, we bounced around the globe.  I ended up in Los Angeles, and Trupti and Hiroshi ended up in Tokyo.

In Tokyo

In Tokyo, Trupti and Hiroshi met my mom, and they started working on “I Will Bleed.”   Trupti and my mom co-wrote the lyrics, and the song is based on a poem my mom wrote.  You can listen to an early version of the song in this video.

In San Francisco

Here is a live performance of “I Will Bleed” in San Francisco.  When we met for the first time in that practice room at Berklee, I don’t think any of us imagined where we would be in just a few years.  Who would have imagined you guys would be performing with my mom in San Francisco?  You never know where life will take you, and it’s things like this that make me look forward to what will happen next in life.

Thank You

I owe a big thank you to Trupti, Hiroshi, Hirokazu, and Yuuichiro for helping my mom with her creative work.  You guys have been a great inspiration for her and she talk about you guys often.  I’m a bit jealous that she gets to work with all of you more often than me, but I’m glad you’re able to make all this happen, and I really appreciate your efforts.